Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Stone Cold Steve Austin Reacts to Daniel Cormier-Brock Lesnar Confrontation

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin is well aware of the confrontation between Daniel Cormier and Brock Lesnar.

Cormier captured the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight title when he knocked out Stipe Miocic. The title bout served as the main event of UFC 226. Cormier is the first fighter to hold the UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight titles simultaneously.

Stone Cold recently talked about the UFC 226 event on his podcast and revealed he picked Cormier to beat Miocic going into the fight:

“I was talking with my buddy Joe Romero, a guy who designs a lot of t-shirts for me, and we’re both huge DC fans but I’m a Stipe Miocic fan as well. I called Joe up and I said, ‘man both guys are extremely smart fighters.’ I said, ‘this is gonna be a clinic and we’ll see that wrestling background that DC has, we’ll see what he’s able to do.’ … And I called Joe up and I said, ‘dude, I’m feeling DC on this thing.'”

After the bout, Cormier called out Lesnar, who was sitting Octagon-side. Lesnar went inside the Octagon and shoved Cormier. He then grabbed a mic and delivered an expletive-laced promo. Stone Cold loved every minute of it:

“We’ll see what comes out of the promo that happened afterwards with Brock Lesnar. They had Brock queued up, here he comes looking like a million bucks. And Brock just draws a lot of attention whenever he goes anywhere, especially here in the fight game where he’s had a very successful and interesting and lucrative career. And he goes out there and he cuts one of the best promos I’ve ever heard. ‘So and so is a piece of trash, Daniel Cormier I’m coming for you mother sucker.’ Daniel started jawing back-and-forth with him, it was a good time.”

Here is a clip of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s latest podcast:


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