Saturday, January 22, 2022

Wanderlei Silva Says He’ll Make Rampage Jackson’s Spirit Run Away

Wanderlei Silva wants to break the will of Quinton Jackson in their fourth meeting.

Silva and “Rampage” are set to clash once again on Sept. 29. On that same Bellator card, middleweight champion Gegard Mousasi and welterweight title holder Rory MacDonald will collide for the 185-pound gold. This will be Bellator’s first card airing on DAZN.

The rivalry between Silva and Jackson is well documented. Silva holds two brutal finishes over “Rampage” under the Pride FC banner. Jackson returned the favor with a nasty knockout victory over “The Axe Murderer” back in 2008 under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) banner.

Speaking to, Silva said he will settle the score with a victory in their fourth outing:

“It does. And I’m upset with the guy. People ask me if I don’t like him. To like, like, I really like my mom, but even the old lady annoys me sometimes. He really hit me with that punch last time, knocked me out, and gave me an extra punch on the ground, so that gives me room for maybe giving back the kindness. This time, I face this fight as more of a brawl. The difference between fighting and brawling is a fine line. Sometimes the guy is losing a fight and the other one is bigger, had better cardio, is more technical, but you start a brawl and it takes his spirit, makes him feel pain. When the guy feels pain his spirit goes away, and Rampage is like that. I know that if I make him feel pain his spirit will run away and I will win the fight.”

Who do you give the edge to in their fourth encounter, Wanderlei Silva or Quinton Jackson?

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