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ARCHIVES: Brendan Schaub Rips UFC Over Banking on Greg Hardy


Brendan Schaub rips the UFC for promoting Greg Hardy more than Nick Newell.

The history between the UFC and Schaub is well documented. Schaub is a former UFC heavyweight who retired back in fall 2015. Schaub and UFC president Dana White have had issues going back to Schaub speaking out on the Reebok deal. Recently, Scahub blasted White for calling him a tool who always got knocked out in the UFC. Schaub called White a “fat bald guy” who never had a fight in his life and accused him of sleeping with Ronda Rousey.

Brendan Schaub Rips UFC Over Banking on Greg Hardy

Schaub now takes issue with Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. During a recent edition of the “Below The Belt” podcast, Schaub expressed his displeasure in seeing the UFC promote controversial former NFL star Greg Hardy more than Nick Newell (via

“I just don’t understand. I don’t understand why he’s (Nick Newell) in that bulls**t Contender Series. They’re just doing it for reviews. They’re riding and dying on Greg Hardy which is hilarious. It just shows you the nature of the business and what you’re dealing with with Dana White being a promoter. I would bet my life on it that Nick Newell sells more tickets than Greg Hardy, especially as an established fighter who’s a congenital amputee. His story is so much better. Not to mention, you’re worried about Nick Newell. Nick Newell has, I don’t know, 20 times the amount of experience than the rest of these guys in the Contender Series. He fought at a high level, the World Series of Fighting. We can hate on the World Series of Fighting, however, Marlon Moraes, Justin Gaethje, David Branch, Anthony Johnson, Andre Arlovski – I can go through the list of high-level fighters who have competed in World Series of Fighting. To not give him an instant UFC contract is just wrong, man. It’s wrong.”

With Greg Hardy nabbing two wins on the Contender Series, do you think the UFC made the right move?

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