Monday, December 6, 2021

Daniel Kelly Wants One Last UFC Fight for a Very Special Reason

Throughout his UFC career, Daniel Kelly has been about defying the odds. Making his promotional debut at 37 years old had Kelly as a perennial underdog in the welterweight division. After all, you’re not supposed to be making your UFC debut at 37 years of age. But when he won six out of his first seven fights in the UFC, the four-time Olympic judoka proved that he belongs. Unfortunately for Kelly, however, following his six of seven start, he would then lose three straight fights, time had seemingly run out on his UFC career. But while Dan Kelly the fighter may or may not be the same, Dan Kelly the father is better than ever.

Kelly’s 12-year-old son Erik is currently battling cystinosis, a rare disease with amino acid cystine that builds in the vital organs. Erik is currently in need of a kidney transplant, and Dan Kelly has an idea of how to help his son in his fight, and that is by getting back in the Octagon for another fight of his own.

The UFC will be returning to Adelaide, Australia on December 2nd, and Kelly would love to have one more fight in the Octagon with his son Erik by his side. In an interview with the Herald Sun, Kelly stated, “I broached it with him and he said, ‘I don’t want to be in the way.’ And I said, ‘You won’t be in the way, mate. I want you there.’

“I’m an emotional guy as well, but it would very, very special.”

One possible opponent for the event would be Zak Cummings, who has challenged Kelly to meet at this date. Cummings is also coming off of a loss but has won two of his last three, so it is possible the UFC decides to go in another direction if they are to grant Kelly his wish.

If Daniel Kelly does fight in the UFC again, who should be his final opponent?

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