Friday, June 24, 2022

Donald Cerrone Unleashes Diatribe on Jackson-Wink Gym

Donald Cerrone will be taking on Mike Perry at UFC Fight Night 139 in Denver Colorado, and the matchmaking for the bout did not come without its share of backstage drama. Appearing on “The Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show” Wednesday, Cerrone, describes how the fight with Perry came about and why he felt slighted by the gym he’s called home for 10 years.

“…When I went to ’55 and Perry called me out, I went, sure, no problem,” Cerrone began. “But I went to Greg and Wink and say, hey, this guy’s new to the gym. He’s only been here one camp, a couple of months. I said, I don’t think that it’s OK for him to call me out. Like, that’s not right. So if he is doing that, I don’t think we should allow him to train here for this fight. And fucking Winklejohn tells me, yeah, you know, I thought you called me out, and blah, blah, and he’s just a shit-ass and lies right to your face.

So to me, he was like, yeah, sure, no problem. I’ll clear it up, and we won’t have any issues. And then the next day he calls me on the phone and says, ‘You know what? I thought about it. If we don’t have Perry, then I don’t get paid, and I need to get paid for this fight…and basically tells me I’m no longer welcome in the gym.”

Cerrone would then describe the shortcomings of Coach Mike Winkeljohn and how what was once the greatest gym in the world has self-destructed.

“I don’t like Winkeljohn’s style. I don’t like the way he holds mitts. I don’t like the way he trains people.

“He just drove that place into the ground, man. He turned it into a puppy mill. It’s only about making money.

If your winning percentage is in the 80s and 90s, and now their in the 20s? I have no clue what our winning record of the gym is, but it’s not like it used to be,” Cerrone said with a chuckle.

“Our main wrestling coach of Jackson-Wink, the greatest fucking school in the world is a reception [sic] to a chiropractic upstairs. His greatest credentials was as a junior assistant coach out of college, don’t know the college name, who got fired for selling the kids steroids. That’s our wrestling coach at one of the greatest schools in the world.

He’s terrible. He’s fucking god-awful terrible. He watches videos on YouTube and tries to teach people things that don’t even fucking work. It’s asinine.”

What are your thoughts on Donald Cerrone’s revelations?

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