Sunday, December 5, 2021

Dustin Ortiz: One More Fight Gets Me Title Shot

After knocking out Matheus Nicolau in a minor upset at UFC on Fox 30 two weeks ago, Dustin Ortiz has now found himself mounting a three-fight win streak. In an interview with MMA Frenzy’s Kelsey Mowatt, Ortiz was not shy about discussing where he believes he stands in the flyweight division. He is not as sure, however that the UFC agrees:

“I might have moved back in the rankings, Ortiz said. “I don’t know who’s doing these rankings, but I probably just beat this boy and moved back a couple of spots.

“I don’t seem to be favored by anybody. I never have. So to go out and do what I said I was going to do should be a huge statement for all the flyweights and for the UFC as well, as an organization to say, OK, he’s on a three-fight win streak. Two of the last kids that he fought were all on a three-fight win streak. The one before that he knocked out in 15 seconds. So I hope they’re taking me a little more serious because I’m taking myself very serious at this point in my career.”

When asked if he believes he is now one fight away, Ortiz spoke with confidence and plans on continuing to use that voice to request what he says he deserves:

“Yes, I truly believe [I’m one fight away from a title shot]. And as my dad would say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. And I am asking for my shot. I truly feel one more fight is enough for me.”

“I hold the most KOs in the flyweight division. There’s more statistics that you could look up that I carry titles for. So those don’t come easy, especially in this division with so many great, talented, technical guys. So you don’t see a lot of flyweights knock guys out; and I own most of them.”

Do you agree that Dustin Ortiz is one fight away from a flyweight title shot?

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