Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Gaethje: I Don’t Want James Vick Looking Himself in the Mirror

Last night saw James Vick humbled at the right hand of Justin Gaethje in the UFC Lincoln main event after a first-round KO. Leading up to the fight, James Vick delivered his fair share of trash talk, such as calling Justin Gaethje the Homer Simpson of MMA and calling him a B-level fighter to name a couple of Vick’s many jabs prior to the fight. In the aftermath, Vick has released a statement about his experience Saturday night, and as Gaethje promised, James Vick has been humbled. Speaking to reporters following last night’s victory, Gaethje was a bit more specific on just how humbled he wants Vick to be after being knocked out before a worldwide audience:

“We’ve seen it multiple times with…I don’t even want to name names. We’ll name James Vick,” Gaethje began. “It’s gonna be hard for him to look himself in the mirror tomorrow, and that was my plan. I don’t want him to look himself in the mirror tomorrow. He’s not going to.”

As is the case in our great sport, after weeks of anticipating a fight, minutes after it’s over, we instantly want to know what’s next. One name floated around for Justin Gaethje was Kevin Lee, who is currently without an opponent, but even Justin Gaethje’s body needs a break at some point, believe it or not:

“Literally, I’ve fought four times in 13 months,” Gaethje said. “Give me a break. I’ve never been to Hawaii. I’ve never been to Jamaica. I’ve never been bought a house. Like, let me to do some things before you put me back in camp. I’ve been in camp for 12 months straight, you know? I do 12-week camps. That’s three months. And I’ve done four fights in the last 13 months. That means I’ve been out of camp maybe one month, and that was when I was filming The Ultimate Fighter, so I wasn’t out of camp. I’ve been in training for the last 13 months, and I would like a break.”

Do you feel James Vick’s KO loss should be a lesson for fighters about talking trash?

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