Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Leon Edwards: I Don’t Really Give A S**t About Jorge Masvidal

Leon Edwards turns his attention to other welterweight contenders

Birmingham-based UFC fighter Leon Edwards has created waves within the UFC’s welterweight division racking up 8 wins since his UFC debut in 2014. Edwards’ latest victory against UFC veteran Donald Cerrone cemented his position in the top ranks of the welterweight division. Edwards used his Octagon interview to call out #9 UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal and push for a UFC card in his hometown of Birmingham.

During an interview with MMA Fighting, Leon Edwards explained the activities that transpired after he called out Jorge Masvidal.

“I went over to the U.S. ahead of that press conference. We had a meeting and we really tried to get that Masvidal fight, but it didn’t work out,” Edwards told MMA Fighting.

“I guess it’s just down to the UFC making the fight. Maybe he’s pissed them off because he isn’t taking fights or maybe he doesn’t want to fight. I really don’t know. We’re still pushing for that fight. I wanted it for the New York card (UFC 230), but they’ve told me that’s full now. Hopefully, we can make something happen for the Canada card in December (UFC 231).”

After Masvidal accepted Edwards’ call out, he made the strange decision to take part in a reality TV show that would prevent him from fighting. This decision left Edwards confused  because Masvidal’s team had claimed that Masvidal would be fight ready by December.

“I don’t get it. I called the guy out, he accepted and now he’s tweeting about some game show. Again, I really don’t know what’s going on there. [Masvidal’s team] said they would be ready in December. But, they also said they’d be ready for November, so I guess we’ll have to see what comes of it,” Edwards explained.

“The guy hasn’t fought in ages and now he’s off to play games in a reality TV show. It makes no sense to me. Let him go off and do his TV shit, but I’m here to fight and to test myself and I want a top-ranked guy. He’s got two losses on the bounce; if that was me I’d want to get back in there and get back in the win column. It makes no sense.”

Although Masvidal is the fight that Leon Edwards was seeking, he is not limiting himself. He is ready to turn his attention to other top fighters within the UFC’s welterweight division such as Robbie Lawler and Rafael dos Anjos.

“I’m not hanging everything on Masvidal. The aim for me is to get that world title. If he’s too busy with reality TV shows, I’ll turn my attention to Robbie Lawler or RDA. Either Masvidal, Robbie Lawler, or Rafael Dos Anjos would be good for me in December. All I can do is wait and see, and hopefully there will be no more excuses,” he said.

“I don’t really give a shit about Masvidal, this is about climbing the ladder for me. I’ve got six wins in a row and I should have a higher ranking spot than 11th. I want someone in the top five or six so I can get them out of there and keep pushing towards the title.”

Leon Edwards has big plans for his MMA career and with each win, he creeps closer to the possibility of headlining a UFC card in his hometown of Birmingham, England.

Who do you think Leon Edwards should fight next?

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