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MMA News Morning Town Hall August 7, 2018

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GSP Interested in Challenging Khabib/McGregor Winner

Conor McGregor Georges St-Pierre

Yesterday, it was revealed that Georges St. Pierre expressed interest in facing the winner of the Khabib Nurmagomedov/Conor McGregor showdown at UFC 229 when he told Submission Radio, “I would be interested in that fight. That’s a win-win situation. It’s a legacy upgrade, and it’s good money. It’s going to be a good fight.”

When the MMA community was asked if they believed this fight would happen,  “Poppy’s Hammer” commented on I don’t think GSP could even make the weight, unless he was give 6 to 7 months’ notice so he could work on a specific diet to get his body used too.” On MMA Logic, Dean echoed this concern, but would issue a much heavier scoff at the notion: “GSP, who last fought at 185 is calling out a guy who fights at 145-155?! Freaking hilarious. That fight wouldn’t even be remotely competitive. GSP would lay on McGregor for five rounds or until he finished him. Conor wouldn’t have a chance.” MMA News’s very own Matt Boone, on the other hand, is all for the potential superfight: “I was watching that video earlier today, too. I think GSP is the perfect guy for the winner of Conor-Khabib to fight.”

With the UFC demonstrating that they are willing to cast meritocracy completely to the side for money fights, I wouldn’t rule out the idea of Dana and the UFC rolling the dice on GSP making the 155 weight limit. And even if GSP does win and vacate the title, at least then we might just get the lightweight tournament many fans have dreamed of!

Georges St-Pierre Has Moved On From Potential Super Fight Against Anderson Silva

Georges St-Pierre GSP

Unlike the prospect of facing the winner of Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor, GSP does not consider fighting Silva to be a “win-win.” On the contrary, GSP told Submission Radio, “Right now I don’t think it’s a win-win situation for me because I have a lot more to lose than to win in fighting right now against Anderson Silva.” When the MMA community was asked if GSP should fight Anderson Silva or not, they were quick to sound off:

“That’s no longer a super fight anyways. About 5 years too late,” Larry wrote on MMA News’s Facebook page. “At one time, that would have been the biggest fight ever. That time past quite a while ago,” Al echoed.

Drake, however, thought fighting Anderson Silva would make sense for GSP at this stage of his career: “I feel like he still should fight Anderson but it’s definitely a big risk even though the Spider isn’t in his prime,” he wrote on MMA Logic’s Facebook page. “GSP has to wait at least eight months to a year before fighting the winner of Khabib/McGregor. I feel he needs one fight before that just to at least stay tuned. Anderson seems to be the perfect fit, but GSP most likely wont fight him now and will probably just wait a year and have another reason why he doesn’t do well at 155.”

GSP’s fellow Canadian Jean-David sided with the legend, believing that a fight against the winner of Khabib/McGregor would make much more sense at this point:

“That fight would have been awesome to see six years ago; but now, Silva is way past his prime and is losing almost all of his fights. If Silva was still winning and was still a champ, I’d watch that; but right now, I’ve got no interest at all in this matchup. I’d rather see GSP vs. the winner of Khabib-Conor .The matchups that GSP creates against either of Khabib or Conor are very intriguing, both of them. I’m French-Canadian by the way, we are all huge fans of GSP her,e and nobody wants to see an older St-Pierre against an old Silva.”

The consensus was that there is little-to-no interest in seeing a GSP vs. Anderson Silva superfight. Who would have ever thought you’d read that?

Bellator Reveals Welterweight World Grand Prix Bracket

Poll time! Fans were asked on MMA News’s Facebook Page as well as MMA Logic which of the announced matchups in the first round of the Welterweight Grand Prix they were most looking forward to. And the winner was….

Michael Page on Paul Daley
Image Credit: Bellator MMA

The long-anticipated bout between Michael Venom Page and Paul Daley, pulling in a landslide of 80% of the votes from respondents. The date for this welterweight grudge match is still to be determined.

Darren Till Describes The Depths of His Obsession With Greatness

Darren Till

Darren Till turned many heads when he described just how “worry-free” he was during a media scrum over the weekend in regards to his upcoming title fight with Tyron Woodley and his long-term chase for greatness:

“You can’t have worries outside of this game,” Till said at the scrum. “I’ve got a girlfriend who’s seven months pregnant. I don’t really care. I’ve got a daughter in Brazil I haven’t seen for one year. I don’t really care. I just care about legacy and greatness. That’s all I’m in this for. I’m not in this to make money, be a champion, and leave. I’m in this for people to say at the end of it: ‘You were the greatest.’ That’s my only mentality. Fuck money and fuck everything else.”

When met with these remarks, Adam commented on MMA Logic: “I feel like a lot of these guys just say stuff for the media.” Linda believed to understand the message the Scouser was saying, even if his word choice was questionable: “I feel like I got the point he was trying to make, but his choice of words was HORRIFIC.” Others responded with incredulity: “Wow,” Stefanie said. “Sounds like he’s going to be a great father.” Scott added, “Pretty sure this is out of context.”

From a solely MMA standpoint, if Darren Till is as focused as his remarks from the media scrum depict, Tyron Woodley will need to dig as deep as he has before in one month at UFC 228 to stop the Scouser from making a huge bound towards the greatness he is solely driven by.

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