Friday, August 19, 2022

Sage Northcutt Willing to Welcome Logan Paul to The UFC

Sage Northcutt (11-2) would love it if Logan Paul got the CM Punk treatment in the UFC. Paul, a YouTube celebrity recently had a boxing match against fellow YouTube personality KSI and since has been entertaining the idea of fighting in the UFC. He says he has a wrestling background and thinks the experience he had in the ring recently makes it possible for him to try.

While boxing and wrestling are considered some of the most important aspects of MMA, quality counts for a lot too. However, sometimes moderate success can feed the ego and Paul put out a message on social media to see if anyone in the UFC wanted to “catch these hands”

Surprisingly, Northcutt who is generally respectful to his past opponents and on camera replied with a level of spice fans of Northcutt have never seen.

Paul responded to Northcutt with, “bring it on NORTHBUTT”. The interaction was noticed by a few others in the MMA social media space.

Paul tagging the UFC in his post with the presumption of being on the level of any of the fighters on the roster prompted a few reactions. For instance, UFC Heavyweight Chase Sherman responded colorfully, letting Paul know the opportunity has to be earned to get in the UFC. Most of the time that is the case as demonstrated by The Ultimate Fighter, Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, and Dana White’s own YouTube show, Lookin’ for a Fight.

It doesn’t take much to book a fight that could bring in viewers.  Brock Lesnar in MMA draws, an 0-0 boxer who happens to be Conor McGregor drew in a pay per view against Floyd Mayweather,  and Phil Brooks fought on the main card portion of two UFC pay-per-view events (203 and 225)never having fought once before.

Strange things can happen in MMA and this could be the next one fans see if the powers that be in the UFC think there is money to be made.

Do you think Logan Paul comes to MMA?

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