Thursday, December 9, 2021

BT Sport Lose UFC Rights In The UK And Ireland To Eleven Sports

The UFC have announced a partnership with UK broadcaster Eleven Sports.

The UFC has signed a new multi-year broadcasting deal with online outlet Eleven Sports for the UK and Irish markets. This deal has been highly speculated with Eleven Sports always seen as the front-runner to purchase the rights for the UFC after BT Sport pulled out of the running in July.

This deal will give online platform Eleven Sports all 42 live UFC events in 2019, as well as over 150 hours of UFC original and archive programming

After the deal was announced, the UFC made an announcement regarding the new partnership.

“UFC Fight Nights will be shown live on ELEVEN SPORTS, whilst ELEVEN will have the option to make some events available in partnership with other broadcast platforms,”

Much uncertainty has circulated around how Eleven Sports will present the UFC content that they have acquired, and how the pricing structure will work regarding pay-per-view events, but BT Sport has left big shoes to fill. BT Sport and the UFC began their partnership in 2013. Since this partnership was created, MMA has seen a marked increase in popularity in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, and BT Sport should be praised highly for their assistance in the growth of MMA.

BT Sport offered all UFC content, including pay-per-view events without extra payment, but looking at Eleven Sports’ announcement this structure may change, and the UK and Irish fans may have to pay slightly more for highly anticipated pay-per-view events.

What do you think about this new partnership deal between the UFC and Eleven Sports?

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