Khabib Implies He’d Retire With Win Over Georges St-Pierre

Many people expect the UFC 229 main event between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor to break PPV records, including Dana White, who expects the event to deliver over 2 million buys. There is no question that Conor McGregor, unquestionably the biggest star in the sport, is the main draw for the event and will receive most of the credit for any big numbers from the event, but the reigning lightweight champion does not believe he needs Conor McGregor to make big money, and he has just the guy in mind who he could do it with:

“I can make money, too,” Khabib said on the “Sammy and The Punk” podcast earlier this year. “Georges St-Pierre is more legend than Conor, like 10 times: welterweight champion, middleweight champion. Now, he wants to take lightweight versus undefeated lightweight champion. Let’s go.”

Khabib claims to have inside knowledge that Georges St-Pierre is serious about a run at 155, and the champion would love to be the one to welcome him:

“Ali (Abdelaziz) talk with him…Georges St-Pierre. He want to come back. He want to come back and fight in 155.”

“He talk about 155 all the time.”

When asked what he would do if training partner and close friend Islam Makachev becomes #1 contender at 155, Khabib returned to the topic of Georges St-Pierre to provide the answer:

“Why I need fight if I’m gonna beat Georges St-Pierre? Why I need fight? Why? For what? Fight for what?”

Do you believe Khabib and Georges St-Pierre will ever fight in the UFC?

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