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Former UFC Fighter Matt Riddle Rips Dana White Following WWE Signing

Things did not end on good terms between the UFC and Matt Riddle.

Riddle is a former UFC welterweight competitor who showed a lot of promise inside the Octagon. He recorded a record of 8-3-2 throughout his mixed martial arts (MMA) career. His two No Contests were originally wins, however, he failed tests for marijuana and had them overturned.

Following his second failed drug test for marijuana, the UFC decided to let Riddle go. Dana White made the following comments about Riddle during a 2013 interview on UFC on FOX (via Wrestling Inc.):

“Well, guess what dummy? They drug test in the real world, too. You think you’re going to work 325 days a year and not get drug tested?

“He couldn’t pass a drug test three times a year, but he’s going to pass it in the real world? And I want to know where this rocket scientist is going to make one-hundred and something thousand dollars a year?”

Riddle responded during a 2015 interview on the Dobashi’s Radio Takedown podcast. He had some harsh words for his former employer:

“Dana White’s a b—-. He knows he’s a b—-. He was born a b—-. That’s why his mom named him Dana,” Riddle said. “It really don’t matter. I know he ain’t going to hire me back—I don’t want that job.

“I’m going to run s— in the WWE. If they don’t hire me, I’m going to run s— in TNA, If they don’t hire me, I’m going to run s— in New Japan, If they don’t hire me, I’ll f—— find somewhere else and I’ll still make a living.”

Riddle Rips Dana White

Recently, Riddle signed a contract with professional wrestling juggernaut, WWE. He took to Twitter and threw out a jab to Dana White. Riddle played the clip of White bashing him in 2013, and attached a message:

“Hey Dana remember that time you fired me and talked all that shit on me to the world and called me a loser? I just wanted to say thank you for everything dummy”

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