Thursday, July 7, 2022

Mike Perry Refutes Donald Cerrone’s Claims About Jackson-Wink

On last Wednesday’s installments of the JRE MMA Show, Donald Cerrone made several eyebrow-raising claims about the state of Jackson-Wink MMA Academy after Coach Mike Winkeljohn decided to corner Mike Perry headed into the UFC Fight Night 139 bout against Cerrone. Among those claims is that Jackson-Wink had become a “puppy mill” and that anybody off the street could train at the gym. Appearing on “The Luke Thomas Show,” Mike Perry took the opportunity to refute these claims:

“I don’t like how he got Diego Sanchez all upset about the puppy mill thing,” Perry said. “He was like, the wolves are still here.”

Sanchez, of course, has already issued his own response to Cerrone, even offering to step in to fight Cerrone should Perry be unable to. Perry would then move on to address the next claim by Cerrone in much more detail:

“The thing about the bums coming in off the street, I mean, look, if you got $150 and you wanna come in and spar, I mean, look, there’s plenty of people on the mat,”  Perry said. “And it’s not like you can just come in and spar Holly Holm. That is incorrect. Because first of all, Holm’s too smart to spar somebody she don’t even spar. She’ll call it out from the beginning, like, ‘Why is this person in here? I’m not gonna hurt this person.

“And then you got coaches watching Holly, watching Holly’s back,” Perry continued. “You’ve got a bunch of fighters watching Holly’s back. The wolves are intelligent because we’ve been in the game all this time. We let the bums come in and work with the amateurs because the amateurs should be able to beat up on somebody….a bum that they don’t know, that makes it easy for them to hit ‘em a little harder.

“There ain’t no reason we should be afraid of some bums! Come and give us $150 for a month. You spar us one time, we’re gonna beat you so bad, you won’t fuckin’ come back unless you really trying to learn.”

Do you believe Donald Cerrone was out of line for his comments about Jackson-Wink?

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