Monday, August 15, 2022

Tyron Woodley Responds to Nick Diaz’s Rant

Nick Diaz was again in the news this week. Talking to TMZ reporters he trashed both Conor and Khabib saying that he can beat both of them. He further threw some shade at the current Welterweight king Tyron Woodley saying that “I’ll whoop his ass too. He’s too boring.” He added, “I don’t even know why he fights those guys. They don’t pay him enough money.”

Now Tyron Woodley has come out with a response. He was talking to TMZ and went on to mock Nick and Nate with a little help from Kenny Florian. He said, “Get your weak a** outta here, You could have fought me a long time ago.”

He then had a funny moment with Kenny Florian who responded to Tyron in Nate Diaz‘s voice. Tyron further said “How can he beat me? He’s gonna try to beat me by taking punches to the face? He can’t stop me from taking him down. He’ll never submit me. Is he gonna slap me to death? Nah, I’m good.”

Tyron is on a roll at the moment. After successfully defending his title against Darren Till. Woodley won the fight with a second-round D’arce choke. Also, Nick has been cleared to fight after sorting out his issues with USADA. This fight might not happen in the near future. Given the caliber of both the fighters and their experience in the octagon, this would be a sure banger if it ever happens.

Who do think wins if they fight, Nick or Tyron? 

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