Saturday, January 23, 2021

Urijah Faber Sheds Some Light On Cody Garbrandt’s Recent Silence

Garbrandt has chosen to step back from social media

The former UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt has kept an incredibly low profile since his 2nd consecutive KO loss to UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw. Of course, with this silence comes speculation in the MMA community, but his trainer and Team Alpha Male founder Urijah Faber has reassured fans after speaking to MMA Fighting about Garbrandt’s current mindset.

“Cody is enjoying being a family man right now,” Faber told MMA Fighting in an interview on Monday. “He was in the gym the other day and he was in good spirits. I know he’s been working out still.”

Being in the public eye for an extended period of time can sometimes be very tiring and confidence breaking. Urijah Faber believes that this may be the reason why Cody Garbrandt has taken a step back from social media.

“This is a mean world, and everyone likes to jump in and kick people when they’re down,” said the UFC Hall of Famer. “Cody is someone who wears his heart on his sleeve, there’s no pretences with him. I don’t know if that has something to do with it if it was negativity he was paying attention to.”

Urijah Faber is a great mentor for Cody Garbrandt to have in his corner. Faber, who fought at the top of the sport for over ten years, has had his share of verbal abuse and manipulation.

“I myself, I get things all the time where people say ‘hey, did you see so and so said this, so and so said that?” Faber said. “I do my best to put the blinders on, and its funny, because the person with the microphone gets to dictate the storyline and right now it’s I had my time to be the guy with the microphone, and now it’s other people’s time. So you can’t worry about other people’s interpretations of things and whatnot.“

In this social media age, it’s sometimes healthy to take a step back and re-evaluate your career. After two tough losses, this decision from Cody Garbrandt shows huge maturity. One thing is for sure, when Cody Garbrandt does return to action, he will be looking to make a huge statement.

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