Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Ali Abdelaziz Says Things Could Get Physical With Team McGregor In Public

The tensions between Team Khabib and Team McGregor are still at an all-time high. At UFC 229, Khabib Nurmagomedov submitted Conor McGregor in the fourth round of their lightweight title bout. After the fight, a huge brawl between both teams broke out inside and outside the Octagon.

McGregor has been calling for a rematch, and Khabib seems willing to move on to a Tony Ferguson match-up before retirement. However, prior to the bout, McGregor had some harsh words about Khabib’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz. Abdelaziz has been very vocal about his disdain for the Irishman. But he is willing to keep in professional during sanctioned events for the betterment of his fighters.

That professionalism does not extend to the streets, however. Speaking to TMZ recently, Abdelaziz noted that things could get physical if he ever runs into McGregor or head coach John Kavanagh in public (via MMA Fighting):

“He’s (Johh Kavanagh) nothing,” said Abdelaziz. “He’s garbage. I don’t give a f*ck about him. If I’m inside an arena under regulations, I’m going respect the rules. But, outside the arena, there’s no rules for me.

“Out there on the street, I’m catching somebody. There was a lot of stuff said about me I don’t like, but I am my own man. I chose to watch the fight from the backroom to get the attention off me. It was about Khabib and Conor.

“They’re the fighters. But, if you think you’re gonna talk crazy and make fun of my religion? I’m going catch you outside.”

What do you think about Abdelaziz’s comments towards Team McGregor?

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