Sunday, September 25, 2022

Ben Askren Says ‘Easy Target’ Darren Till Needs To Be Taught A Lesson

Ben Askren believes Darren Till is in need of a lesson, and he’s willing to teach it.

Askren is now a member of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) roster. A historic trade took place between the UFC and ONE Championship. The deal allowed Askren to be released from his ONE contract to sign with the UFC. In exchange, ONE received Demetrious Johnson.

Ben Askren Fires More Shots At Darren Till

Askren has been digging at several UFC welterweights including Till. “The Gorilla” responded by asking Askren “who the f*ck” he was. During a recent appearance on MMA Junkie Radio, “Funky” had the following response:

“You know who I think sounds like an easy target – and I’m kind of picking him out because he sucks? It’s Darren Till. And I don’t really like him, either. So it makes it really easy that I don’t like him – I’d like to beat him up. I think he sucks, so it’d be an easy fight. He’s ranked very highly, obviously. It’s like the kind of kid that needs to be taught a lesson. So I’m going to be like his good older brother. I’m going to take him in there, I’m going to hold him down, I’m going to slap him around. And then when no one’s listening, I’ll probably tell him, like, ‘You need to be a little more humble. You need to be a little bit more respectful. You need to take care of your kid that you abandoned. Beat his ass, make him a grown man.”

Askren’s first bout hasn’t been made official. “Funky” has told the media that he plans on meeting with UFC officials soon to get settled in. MMA News will keep you posted with the latest updates on Askren.

Would you like to see Ben Askren mix it up with Darren Till for his UFC debut?

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