Monday, May 16, 2022

Colby Covington Responds To Ben Askren, Calls Him A Jobber

Colby Covington responds to the talks of Ben Askren coming to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

A report yesterday (Oct. 24) sent shock waves throughout the mixed martial arts community. It was reported that the UFC and ONE Championship were working on a trade. If complete, the deal would see Demetrious Johnson go to ONE Championship and Ben Askren head over to the UFC.

Colby Covington Has Some Words For Ben Askren

Askren fired off a slew of verbal shots at UFC fighters including Covington. “Funky” called “Chaos” despicable and said he’d love to get his hands on Covington after Tyron Woodley does. Speaking to Submission Radio, Covington had the following to say on Askren (via

“He’s a jobber, he has a padded record. He hasn’t fought anybody. If he comes over to the UFC, let him work his way up. He’s gotta earn his way up. He hasn’t done anything worthy. But the guy’s a joke. He’s not on my level. He knows it. He wants to say these things. He’s old, he’s past his time too, man. And this is my time now. All these guys know it. That’s why all these guys wanna fight me now because they know it’s my time. And when they lose to me it’s gonna be the biggest paycheck they ever get, to lose to me. So, Ben Askren is a joke. The guy has no skills. He hasn’t hurt a fly in 10 years. He was like in mount on the Russian for five rounds and didn’t put one scratch on the guy’s face. So, I mean, the guy can’t strike. He’s scared to strike. I mean, it’s an easy fight, but he’s got a padded record so we’ll see what happens.”

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