Thursday, July 7, 2022

UFC Fighter Darren Till Plans To Move Up To Middleweight

Darren Till plans to make a move that many have been calling for.

Till is the second ranked Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight, but 185 pounds may be calling his name. “The Gorilla” has had weight cutting issues in the past. He received criticism for missing weight ahead of his fight against Stephen Thompson. While he hit the 169-pound mark for his title fight with Tyron Woodley, Till feels a change is in order.

Darren Till Is Moving On Up

Speaking to his sponsors over at Paddy Power, Till revealed that while he isn’t closing the door on 170 pounds, he is making the jump to middleweight (via

“I’m a big dude for welterweight to be honest, so that’s probably going to be my last fight at that weight. Welterweight isn’t fully gone for me, but I’m going to be happy going up to middleweight now and I’ll be strong at that weight not having to cut as much weight. I’m at the pinnacle of my fighting career now, I’m one of the biggest names in MMA right now. I’m fighting the best and I am one of the best.”

Till wasn’t always a welterweight. In fact, he didn’t make his debut in the weight class until his 10th professional mixed martial arts fight. “The Gorilla” was previously a middleweight, but it’ll still feel like a fresh change as now he’ll be up against elite 185-pounders. It’ll be interesting to see who Till takes on in his return to the weight class.

Who would be a good opponent for Darren Till’s return to middleweight?

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