Sunday, September 25, 2022

Derrick Lewis On Daniel Cormier: ‘We Put The Chicken Behind Us’

Derrick Lewis says he and Daniel Cormier have agreed to disagree on respect towards chicken.

Lewis and Cormier have had a fun “rivalry” dating back to a UFC 226 pre-fight press conference. Cormier jokingly said “The Black Beast” has beef with him. Lewis said Cormier disrespected Popeyes chicken in the song and dance he did at the seventh annual mixed martial arts awards. On Nov. 3, it’ll be all business as Lewis will challenge Cormier for the UFC heavyweight title in the main event of UFC 230.

Derrick Lewis Talks Keys To Victory

Lewis recently appeared on the Jim Rome Show. “The Black Beast” talked about what he has to overcome to defeat Cormier:

“Really just weather the storm because I know he’s gonna come out and try to get me tired. [He’ll try to] push the pace and take me down or even if he’s not gonna try to wrestle me or take me down or anything like that, just standing with me. I know he hits hard just like I do. Just wait for my moment, be patient [and] don’t let the surroundings overwhelm me even though I’m fighting for the title.”

When Rome had some fun with Lewis’ Popeyes remark, the heavyweight title challenger joked that the beef is over:

“Right now we put the chicken behind us, but after the fight that’s one of the first meals I’ll be eating from Popeyes chicken.”

Lewis is coming off a comeback knockout win over Alexander Volkov earlier this month. The win and the UFC’s scramble to find a suitable main event for the Madison Square Garden card netted Lewis his title opportunity.

Do you think Derrick Lewis can weather the storm against Daniel Cormier?

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