Saturday, May 28, 2022

Floyd Mayweather Jr Says Boxing Khabib Will Make More than Boxing McGregor

Floyd Mayweather Jr. seems to have found a niche to make some quick, large sums of money by booking boxing matches with MMA fighters that call him out. Khabib Nurmagomedov is the latest to want to jump into a boxing match to face the 50-0 retired boxer for a large purse, a trend that seems to have been started when Conor McGregor and Mayweather faced one another in August of 2017.

Mayweather knows better than to try and step outside of his comfort zone and compete in MMA and when addressing TMZ, he made a strong point that when fighters call him out they have to come into his world of boxing.

Mayweather also said his side, the “A-side” is done and he believes a boxing match with him and Nurmagomedov will produce nine figures for him. Mayweather did mention the controversy after UFC 229 saying that “you have to conduct yourself like a true professional” both inside and outside the ring. Mayweather was asked if he was concerned with a similar incident from Nurmagomedov like the one that occurred at UFC 229 and his only response was, “it is what it is.”

“He called me out, come into my world let’s make it happen.” – Floyd Mayweather Jr.

His response to Nurmagomedov saying how he was able to knock McGregor down while he could not in a boxing match was, “Khabib, you got my left-over’s whoopee-doo.” Mayweather said he would not fight under MMA rules and the fight would have to happen in Vegas. He also added that should the boxing bout get booked it would make more money than the boxing match with McGregor. His estimate is between $110-$200-million dollars.

The rule-set counts a lot in what favors a fighter in their respective discipline. McGregor lost a boxing match against one of the better boxers in recent boxing history, if this goes through with Nurmagomedov the outcome will likely be the same.

Do you think another “Money-Fight” is in the boxing future with Mayweather vs. Nurmagomedov?

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