Sunday, December 5, 2021

Mike Jackson Says He Was Contacted For ‘Quality’ UFC Match-Up

UFC welterweight Mike Jackson’s future with the promotion was in heavy doubt. This past summer, Jackson picked up a victory over former WWE Champion CM Punk inside the Octagon. It was Punk’s second consecutive loss of his young mixed martial arts (MMA) career. However, UFC President Dana White was not pleased with Jackson’s performance.

Jackson was constantly showboating and could’ve finished the fight at any time he wanted, but seemingly drug it out. After UFC 225, White suggested he wouldn’t be giving Jackson another fight in the UFC. However, during a recent conversation with MMA Junkie, Jackson revealed he has actually been offered a “quality” match-up inside the Octagon:

“Not to go too involved, I don’t know what they’ve talked about, but I was contacted about a fight,” Jackson said. “When I saw the fight, I was like, ‘This is solid matchmaking.’

“It wasn’t where they’re trying to – being who I am in the position, you would think they’re just going to give me some killer, just to get me out of there. But it was none of that.

“It was a quality matchup, quality opponent. And I wasn’t going to take it lightly or anything like that.”

Logan Paul?

Jackson also shot down rumors that the offered opponent was YouTube star Logan Paul, who has been lobbying for an opportunity inside the Octagon:

“This guy, he doesn’t want it,” Jackson said. “Dana saved him. I think Dana saw what I did to CM Punk and he was like – whatever quote he said, whatever the headline was, where he said he would die or something like that, in the cage, I agree 100 percent.

“He’s not ready for this. I mean, Phil wasn’t ready for this. I want to say he would have a better chance in this sport, but it’s just not meant to be for him.”

What do you think about Jackson receiving another UFC fight?

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