Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Paige VanZant Eager To Release Anger Over Being Sidelined

Paige VanZant is ready to finally get back to business.

VanZant hasn’t competed since January. VanZant missed all of 2017 and admits she’s frustrated with missing most of 2018. A broken arm has put “12 Gauge” on the sidelines this time. She has a clear warning for her next sparring partner.

Paige VanZant Ready To Release Built-Up Anger

Speaking to MMAJunkie.com, VanZant explained the struggle of having to watch the sport of mixed martial arts knowing she couldn’t compete in the present moment:

“This one was different because it wasn’t by choice. And having something this important taken away from you. And be told that you kind of just have to sit and watch is awful. And what made it even worse is I kind of anticipated like a typical surgery and a typical timeline for that. I thought I would be back training in eight weeks, and it’s been nine months. And two surgeries and then hip surgery that will help, like, fix the arm. So it’s been a very long process that I didn’t anticipate having to go through. The only thing is, I feel bad for whoever spars with me the first time. Because I have a lot of anger built up. I definitely – I guess it’s made me, like, really hungry to get back in the cage. Which I feel I’ve always had that. So I’m trying to look at the bright side. I really am, but it’s just kind of been a bummer.”

VanZant’s last bout was a unanimous decision loss to Jessica-Rose Clark. It was “12 Gauge’s” second straight defeat. She hasn’t emerged victorious since Aug. 2016.

Do you think Paige VanZant can climb up the women’s flyweight rankings?

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