Anderson Silva: All GSP Does Is Run

Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre is a fight MMA fans have dreamed about for many years, especially when both legends were running roughshod over their respective divisions. And according to Anderson Silva, GSP is still running, but now in the opposite direction:

“That’s an interesting fight,” Silva told ESPN regarding a potential bout between him and Georges. St. Pierre, “but Georges has never come to accept the challenge,” Silva said. “Georges just runs, runs, runs, It’s crazy. I do not think Georges wants the fight — but that’s OK. I respect Georges. He is a great fighter. Maybe he just has a different view — to take easy fights. That’s not me. I like to take the big challenges in my life.”

Although Anderson Silva says that he does not relate to Georges St. Pierre’s approach to opponent selection, Silva, perhaps in a tongue-in-cheek manner, praised St. Pierre’s intelligence:

“Georges is very lucky and very smart,” Silva continued. “He never goes to take a fight if it’s not easy. That’s the point. Georges, for me, is a great fighter, but he never takes the real challenges in life. That’s my opinion. I respect him, but that’s my opinion.”

Do you agree with Anderson Silva? Do you think Georges St. Pierre avoids real challenges?