Sunday, October 2, 2022

B.J. Penn Finalizing Four-Fight Extension With UFC

B.J. Penn will not be hanging up the gloves any time soon.

B.J. Penn announced in an interview on his website ( that he is on the one-yard line for extending his legendary UFC fighting career for four more fights:

“I’m just in the process of finalizing a new four-fight contract with the UFC. Everything is going good. I am down here in Brazil. Andre Pederneiras is running the camp. Leo Santos is doing the jiu-jitsu, and Johnny Eduardo is helping me with my striking.

“I’m in a good place right now. I’m out here training and I’m focused. I have my life straight and I am ready to go man. The last time I came down here (to Brazil) and trained for something, I became the first foreigner to win the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships. I love it down here. Andre (Pederneiras) is like a father to me. All of the training he is having me do, it has me feeling like I could go win another championship.”

Before finalizing his four-fight contract, B.J. Penn will be taking on Ryan Hall at UFC 232, someone who brings a very eccentric style of combat to the mantle.

“I think people call Ryan Hall an awkward fighter because he goes upside down and does all the jiu-jitsu stuff and people are sort of afraid because they don’t understand what is going on. But, to me it doesn’t look awkward. It’s just a guy trying to do jiu-jitsu on the ground and I’m ready for that of course.”

The last time B.J. Penn competed was in June of 2017, where he lost a majority decision to Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night 112. Penn will be looking for his first victory in six fights when he takes on Ryan Hall at UFC 232.

Do you believe B.J. Penn should be fighting four more fights in the UFC?

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