Sunday, September 25, 2022

Bellator Champion Explains Why He Wants Bout With Jose Aldo

A reigning Bellator champion has expressed interest in a bout with Jose Aldo.

Aldo is considered to be the greatest featherweight in the history of mixed martial arts. He is certainly a pioneer for the division. Before his knockout loss to Conor McGregor, Aldo was undefeated in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He’s only lost to McGregor and current featherweight champion Max Holloway twice during his time in the UFC. With a 27-4 record and seven successful UFC featherweight title defenses, Aldo’s legacy is well intact.

Bellator Featherweight Champion Wants Jose Aldo Bout

Patricio Freire is the reigning Bellator 145-pound title holder. He’s set to defend his gold against Emmanuel Sanchez this Thursday (Nov. 15). The bout will air one night later via tape delay on the Paramount Network and DAZN. Freire explained to why fighting Aldo would be a dream come true:

“He’s considered the greatest featherweight in history, and he defended his belt for many years. He went many years without losing, as well. But, if you look at it, our numbers are very similar. So it would be an interesting one to figure out, (between) two Brazilians. I really admire his work. He’s a humble guy. We’ve had the opportunity to talk a few times. He wasn’t disrespectful. I had no reason to disrespect him, either, quite the contrary. But I think we’re both professionals, and I think the sport of MMA would benefit from this fight happening.”

Of course, Aldo is still under contract with the UFC. A bout between the two is unlikely unless Aldo moves to Bellator once his contract expires or if Freire decides to make the jump. Of course there’s the improbable trade possibility, but perhaps Demetrious Johnson and Ben Askren were the exceptions and not the rule.

Does the sound of a bout between Jose Aldo and Patricio Freire intrigue you?

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