Sunday, September 25, 2022

Ben Askren: I Don’t Even Know If Colby Covington’s Mom Likes Him

Ben Askren is convinced that no one likes Colby Covington.

Askren and Covington are two welterweights who aren’t known for holding their tongues. The two have traded verbal barbs with Askren offering to pounce on “Chaos” after Tyron Woodley faces him and Covington calling “Funky” a complete joke.

Ben Askren Wonders If Anyone Likes Colby Covington

Askren posted a new video on his Instagram page. He went as far as to wonder if Covington’s own mother likes him (via

“I want to fight Colby. Nobody likes Colby. Literally nobody. Listen, not just like in the fake world in Twitter, social media, because social media and Twitter…that’s kind of like…kind of a fake universe. It’s not really reality, right? But in the real world, nobody likes Colby. He doesn’t have friends. I don’t even know if his mom likes him. Nobody likes this guy. Me included, I want to beat him up. Simple as that.”

It’s likely that Covington will challenge welterweight title holder Woodley for the gold next. Covington’s manager and American Top Team head honcho Dan Lambert recently claimed an offer was on the table for UFC 233, but he wasn’t sure if Woodley would be able to recover from his hand surgery in time. As for Askren, he’s set to make his promotional debut at UFC 233 on Jan. 26 against Robbie Lawler.

Who wins the war of words between Ben Askren and Colby Covington?

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