Monday, October 3, 2022

Ben Askren On Why Fans Favor Him Over Colby Covington

Ben Askren is yet to make his UFC debut. Meanwhile, Colby Covington is a four-year veteran of the promotion. These facts, according to the outspoken Askren, has zero bearing on which of the two has more fan support. And in an appearance on “UFC Unfiltered,” “Funky” Ben Askren was happy to explain why that is (transcript via MMA NYTT):

“I don’t think the number of followers has anything to do with how good I am fighting. That said, I am good at fighting and I do have a lot of followers. So I think it will help me get the bigger fights because I know the UFC pay attention to those metrics whether it warrants it or not.

“I’m more of a purist competitor and I enjoy the fighting aspect of it, but people enjoy my personality and they enjoy that I tell the truth. I speak plainly, I don’t beat around the bush and I’m just genuine.

“One of the reasons why Colby isn’t catching on, and Colby has been in the UFC for four years, he had a fake title shot, and he still had a very small amount of the following that I do,” Askren said. “Whether it’s Instagram or Twitter or whatever. Part of the reason that’s happened is because it’s so contrived.

“When Colby says stuff you don’t think ‘wow that’s unique and that’s genuine,’” he added. “The fact that he has to bring Trump into everything is so that everyone gets mad because everyone hates Trump. He has to do that to draw interest, it’s just an obvious sign that people aren’t that into you.”

Ben Askren will make his UFC debut against Robbie Lawler at UFC 233 in Anaheim, California.

What are your thoughts on these comments from Ben Askren and his self-comparison to Colby Covington?

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