Sunday, September 25, 2022

Chael Sonnen Says Ben Askren May Become Dana White’s Favorite Fighter

Chael Sonnen believes Ben Askren could become one of Dana White‘s go-to guys.

Askren is one of the newest members of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) roster. This is thanks to a historic trade. ONE Championship released Askren from his contract so he could sign with the UFC. In exchange, ONE Championship received Demetrious Johnson.

Chael Sonnen Believes Ben Askren Can Become Dana White’s Favorite

During a recent video posted on his YouTube channel, Sonnen talked about Askren wanting to fight everyone in the UFC’s welterweight division not named Tyron Woodley. Sonnen explained why despite negative comments in the past Askren could become UFC president White’s favorite fighter (via Bloody Elbow):

“The ultimate irony, when this whole thing gets worked out between Dana and Ben Askren, is Ben Askren is going to become Dana’s favorite fighter, favorite guy that he has under contract. That’s the part Dana White doesn’t know. Ben Askren will fight anybody, at any weight, any time, no argument. He’s a true competitor, and that used to be a normal mindset. That used to be what Dana got to deal with. Now every time Dana has an idea and wants to do a fight, everybody comes in pushing back. The fighters push back. The media pushes back. The managers push back. You’ve got to have meetings, you’ve got to have sit-downs, you’ve got to have phone calls. It’s so hard to get any work done.”

Do you think Chael Sonnen has a point about Ben Askren and Dana White putting past issues aside?

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