Monday, September 26, 2022

Citizens Help Detain Stephan Bonnar In DUI Arrest (Video)

As we reported earlier this week, UFC Hall Of Famer Stephan Bonnar was arrested for a DUI in Las Vegas. Bonnar was reportedly speeding down I-15 in a red Cadillac CTS. It was said he was traveling north of 90 MPH around 1:15 PM. Witnesses described that Bonnar was driving like a “maniac.”

It was also noted that once highway patrol responded, several citizens assisted in detaining Bonnar. Bonnar was described as being “incoherent” upon being detained. He has been booked on a third-degree DUI charge, resisting arrest and unsafe driving. Some also described Bonnar of reeking of alcohol. Some video footage of the arrest has now come to light.

Bonnar is found in his car, on the border of unconsciousness, not really knowing what’s going on. He is dragged out of his car and put on the floor. The officer finds it difficult to handcuff him, so several citizens assist in the process. Bonnar is then rolled back over before the video comes to a close.

Check out the clip here below:

After being arrested, Bonnar was then described as “energetic.” He began spasming and resisting police officers. Following a search of his vehicle, officers found an AR15, empty bottle of vodka, and a pill bottle for Celecoxib (prescription pain reliever).

What do you make of Bonnar’s current situation and seeing him detained by several citizens?

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