Colby Covington: Ben Askren Is A Complete Joke

Colby Covington has some more words for Ben Askren.

Askren is set to make his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) debut on Jan. 26. He’s expected to meet former UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler at UFC 233. Askren signed with the UFC following a historic trade, which saw Demetrious Johnson move to ONE Championship.

Colby Covington Unimpressed By Ben Askren

Askren has had some words with many UFC welterweights including Covington. The two have gone back-and-forth with barbs. “Chaos” recently appeared on Radio and said the following:

“He’s a 34-year-old virgin. Who retires before they even get to the UFC? Losers. That’s who. But let’s be honest, the guy… I mean, can they even approve a fight for him in the top five? Can they? Can the commission do that when he hasn’t won a fight against anybody in a top 50? The guy’s a complete joke. I mean, it should be criminal that they even let him in there with a top five fighter. I mean, the guy’s a joke, man. No matter what your wrestling accomplishments are, you can’t bring that over here, over to the UFC and into fighting. You can’t live off your past. I just gotta laugh, man. Everything he’s saying is just so funny, man. He’s just setting himself up for the biggest fall, and it’s hilarious.”

Covington is likely to receive the next shot at Tyron Woodley‘s UFC welterweight title. “Covington’s” manager Dan Lambert recently said there was some talks of a UFC 233 championship tilt, but he doesn’t feel Woodley will be ready in time.

Do you think Colby Covington vs. Ben Askren is a foregone conclusion for a future bout?

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