Sunday, October 2, 2022

Cormier to Jones: “Who Are You to Grant Me Anything?”

Daniel Cormier has been very consistent in his retirement plans of walking away from the sport of mixed martial arts before the age of 40 (March 20th). With Cormier committed to defending his heavyweight championship against Brock Lesnar in his next fight, many have wondered if there would be time for a Jones/Cormier trilogy fight. At the UFC 232 Press Conference, Jones shot down the idea, stating that with two wins over Cormier, he has nothing left to prove and no interest in fighting him again. Jones went a step further and said that if Cormier wants a shot at the light heavyweight championship after UFC 232, he will need to earn a title shot by beating a top contender. At the UFC 230 Post-Fight Press Conference, Daniel Cormier addressed Jones’s comments: (via

“Here’s the deal when it comes to Jones: It’s hard for me to really take anything seriously,” Cormier told reporters. “Because you say, I don’t want to give you the shot, you don’t deserve it, I beat you.’ He said he knocked me out, which he did.

“You guys know I’ve always said he won the fight. And he once put up a video of a little girl kicking a girl in the head. I said, ‘Look, man. She set the kick up perfect. But you were on steroids, dog. You can’t use that. It’s the same thing.’

“I’m sure USADA said – whatever. But you still had steroids in your system. It does not matter. You can’t be on steroids in no way shape or form. That’s not fair.

“So for him to say, ‘I don’t think he deserves a title shot’ or, ‘I’m not going to grant him (a title shot)’, who are you to grant me anything?”

After questioning who Jones is, Daniel Cormier went ahead and reminded reporters and the listeners at home who he is:

“I’m the guy who’s been here the whole time,” Cormier said. “Three years I’ve been the light-heavyweight champion because this dude can’t stay out of trouble. That dude actually got in so much s**t that they just said, ‘Here, DC, you can just have the belt back’ the last time after he knocked me out. Seriously.

“How crazy must the guy that won be for them to go, ‘Hey, man. You can just have this one back?'”

Do you believe Jon Jones should defend the light heavyweight championship against Daniel Cormier should Jones regain the title at UFC 232?

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