Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Cowboy Felt Mike Perry’s Arm ‘Pop’ Before Submission Finish

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone’s finish over Mike Perry this past weekend (Sat. November 10, 2018) was certainly an entertaining one. Perry surprisingly took Cerrone down to the ground, which “Cowboy” admittedly allowed to happen in order to implement his submission game.

While in guard, Cerrone was able to lock in an armbar, and submit “Platinum” for the first-round victory. The finish came with 4:46 on the clock. Cerrone got the armbar belly down, nearly taking Perry’s arm off, breaking it instead. During the post-fight presser, Cerrone said he felt Perry’s arm “pop” when he went belly down (via MMA Fighting):

“I felt it pop before I went belly down,” Cerrone said. “So the rest was just tearing the chicken wing off, yeah. I was taking it home with me.”

Cerrone said that Perry should’ve rolled out of the attempt, but once he realized he got one over on “Platinum,” he was confident he had secured the victory:

“Once I seen the clock, there was 30 seconds left — the monitor was right above me,” Cerrone said. “I was like, oh I better spin for this armbar. I did.

“He should have rolled the other way out of it, I don’t know why he didn’t. I was like, ‘Gotcha.’ So I went belly down on it. I was just gonna take it until the referee pulled me off.”

What do you think about Cerrone’s armbar finish over Perry?

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