Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Cynthia Calvillo Issues Statement Following Scary UFC Argentina Weigh-in

Cynthia Calvillo has sent out a statement following her UFC Argentina scale fail.

Calvillo is set to take on Poliana Botelho in the main card opener of UFC Argentina. Yesterday morning, all fighters on the card tipped the scales for the weigh-ins. Calvillo failed to make the strawweight limit, clocking in at 118 pounds. Calvillo looked drained and almost fell off the scale. The Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission told her to stop cutting weight, but has cleared her to compete.

Cynthia Calvillo Reacts To Missing Weight

It was certainly a scary sight and it shed even more light on the issue of weight cutting in mixed martial arts. Calvillo sent out the following statement to MMAFighting.com:

“Basically what happened is I started my period this week. We were kind of prepared for it, because we could feel the symptoms, but unfortunately this morning when we got up it was about 5:30 and I had two pounds to go. Then, I couldn’t cut any weight at all from 5:30 to 8 a.m. We tried everything and I could not break a sweat. Even when I got up to the scale, I was the same weight that I woke up at 5:30 in the morning. “They decided to go ahead and stop me from continuing cutting the weight at 9 a.m. They didn’t want to make me suffer more so that I was still able to fight. So, that’s basically what happened. Unfortunately, we tried to prepare the best for it, but my body was just not sweating due to having to retain the water because of my period.”

Do you think the poor weight cut will impact Cynthia Calvillo’s performance tonight?

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