Monday, October 3, 2022

Donald Cerrone Explains Why Greg Jackson Won’t Corner Him at UFC Denver

In the co-main event of this Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 139 card, Donald Cerrone will square off against “Platinum” Mike Perry in a long anticipated welterweight battle between two fan favorites. This fight has special meaning to Cerrone for multiple reasons: he has an opportunity to break company records and to do so at home:

“It’s Denver, Colorado. This is home for me,” Cerrone told reporters backstage at the UFC Open Workouts Wednesday evening. “Saturday night, we’re going to blow the roof off this place, man. I cannot wait.

“There’s no doubt in my mind Perry is coming, heavy hitting, trying to take me out early, so it’s going to be the fight everyone wants to see, man. Like I said, I’d feel criminal if I didn’t oblige to everyone’s demands and stand and fight with him. And so I plan on doing that, getting me a bonus, getting me the most fights in UFC history, most wins in UFC history, most walks in UFC history. That’s cool…cool ring to it.”

The backstory behind this contest has received a lot of press, with Donald Cerrone making his widely publicized exit from Jackson Wink after the fight was announced. In spite of all the attention the drama has received and all the questions Cerrone has had to field regarding the matter, Cerrone has no regrets about any of his comments:

“I don’t regret anything ever,” Cerrone said. “I should watch my mouth more, I think, but I don’t ever regret saying it. It’s OK. It needs to be out. It needs to be publicized. Greg Jackson is a solid dude, man…good friend of mine. Like I said, he’s coming out to watch the fight. He’ll be here. I didn’t work with Greg because it’s not fair to Perry.

“First of all, Perry has nothing to do with what’s going in in the gym. He’s just a guy looking for a home, and he was looking to find one. Whatever he’s saying about everything else is him hyping this fight up. But he needed a home. What went on with me and Winkeljohn has nothing to do with Perry, so none of this is any energy towards him. And for Greg to train Perry at the gym, and then come and backdoor and tell me what they’re working on, that’s not fair to anybody, man. So by no means am I gonna take a fight where I have a secret weapon. Nah. I’m a standup guy, man.”

Do you think we’ll see the Donald Cerrone of old this Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 143?

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