Sunday, September 25, 2022

Donald Cerrone: “F*ck You, Winkeljohn”

Two days out from his co-main event against Mike Perry at UFC Fight Night 139, one of the storylines for the bout is Donald Cerrone’s public departure from Jackson Wink as he prepares to face new gym member Mike Perry. Donald Cerrone has no regrets about his comments about former coach Mike Winkeljohn and seized the opportunity to double down on the backbiting: (transcript via MMAFighting)

“This fight’s happening,” Cerrone said at Thurday’s UFC Denver media day. “…Winkeljohn drew his line in the sand. And now I get to spit on him on the other side. It’s alright.

“Fuck him,” Cerrone told reporters. “There’s your clickbait, motherfuckers. Fuck you, Winkeljohn.”

Ultimately, it wont be Mike Winkeljohn who Donald Cerrone faces Saturday, and Cowboy is well aware of that:

“My fight’s with Perry. It has nothing to do with Wink,” Cerrone said. “That’s outside drama. It won’t even come into play on Saturday. Right now, you’re bringing this out of me. I’ll see him Saturday, but my opponent is Perry. Perry has nothing to do with the drama going on or any of that.”

None of the outside drama has added any pressure for Donald Cerrone, but that doesn’t mean he will be carefree, because he never is.

“On such a historic night, this is the 25th anniversary. It’s cool man, it means a lot to me to be on this card. They don’t get any easier. This is your 40th walk, you’re going to be cruising down, you’d think it’s going to be easier. Nah, you’re still going to be sweating bullets, faking it until you’re making it. That’s for damn sure.”

What’s your take on the ongoing Donald Cerrone vs. Jackson Wink drama?

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