Monday, October 3, 2022

Donald Cerrone Says The Old ‘Cowboy’ Would’ve Taken Issue With Mike Perry

Donald Cerrone believes he would’ve taken things personal with Mike Perry several years ago.

Cerrone is set to collide with Perry tonight (Nov. 10). The bout will serve as UFC Denver‘s co-main event. Tonight’s action will be held inside the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. Cerrone is looking to rebound from his decision loss to Leon Edwards, meanwhile Perry hopes to capitalize off his win over Paul Felder.

Donald Cerrone Feels He’s More Calm These Days

Cerrone recently spoke to ahead of the event. He said that Perry’s personal jabs at him due to the Jackson-Wink MMA split don’t bother him, but admits it would’ve years ago:

“Absolutely. The old ‘Cowboy’ would’ve met this dude in the lobby and beat his ass. The new ‘Cowboy,’ I just: ‘I’ll see you on Saturday, buddy.’ It’s funny, after this split from the gym happened, it was like everybody came out of the woodwork and were like, ‘Let’s do this.’ I’m like, hell yeah, let’s go. So it’s been fun, man. So much fun. The journey of my career has been fun. Just, I can’t complain. I love every bit about this. I’m like a ‘turn my shoulder to you, once I’ve done it, you’re kinda dead for life to me’ kind of person, so for me, I’m done with you. That’s it. I don’t look back. So, as soon as I made the decision in my mind, that’s it, I don’t give it any second thought. I don’t even like giving it the energy to talk about it, so it’s like whatever. I have so much shit going on in my life, fun and life to live, that shit like dwelling on who’s going to be in my corner and who’s cornering who and what team I’m with — please, give me a break.”

Who takes it, Donald Cerrone or Mike Perry?

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