Friday, September 30, 2022

Jarred Brooks Says ESPN Deal & Flyweights Missing Weight Led To Reports Of The Division’s Demise (Exclusive)

Jarred Brooks along with teammate Justin Scoggins – and former opponents Jose “Shorty” Torres and Robert Sanchez – were all released from the UFC last week after reports surfaced claiming a decision was made to fold the flyweight division. UFC president Dana White did not confirm the report in his recent update. “The Monkey God” was the only fighter of the group released off a win. So why was he cut? According to him, bad timing.

“I had four fights in my contract and Roberto Sanchez was my fourth fight.” Brooks explained. We were trying to renegotiate the contract in the middle of the Demetrious Johnson dust storm.”

Brooks (14-2) says he was in the loop the entire time this decision came to fruition. So when the news came down it didn’t come as a surprise.

“[After the Demetrious Johnson/Ben Askren trade] my manager gave me good hints that this could bring the end of the flyweight division. He’s working on other stuff in the process of this happening. My manager did a really good job eyeing that out and putting my name in other pictures as well. I really wasn’t too shocked, I was just ready for the next big thing.”

Brooks also believes the UFC’s new television deal with ESPN and flyweight fighters missing weight on occasion also played a major role in the reported decision.

“What I think was the end of the flyweight division was ESPN. They’ve always shunned away from the lighter weight classes [in boxing]. I think it has to do with that. They’re ending the flyweight division in December, ESPN comes in at the end of the year. That makes sense to me. Half of the flyweight division, the reason why it’s not here today is because of p**sy a** flyweights to be honest. They just don’t want to cut the weight. They don’t want to put the work in, they don’t want to act like champions. I’ve never cut weight, I don’t have to cut weight. But if it’s my job, I’m cutting weight. They made the flyweight division look like a joke.”

The 25-year-old is keeping a positive outlook on the whole situation and is ready for any new challenges that come his way.

“I’m ready for the next big thing. Jarred Brooks isn’t the UFC and the UFC isn’t Jarred Brooks I’m a mixed martial artist. I’m ready to sign with any promotion, I’m a mixed martial artist. So if you want to put me in boxing, kickboxing, wrestling matches, jiu-jitsu matches, anything that anyone wants to put me in. Because I love this sport and I’ll do anything that’s involved with it.”

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