Sunday, September 25, 2022

Jorge Masvidal: “The UFC Offered Us Nick Diaz”

Jorge Masvidal is yet to make a 2018 Octagon appearance, with “Gamebred” most recently competing last November at UFC 217 where he was on the wrong side of a unanimous decision against Stephen Thompson. There is one name, though, a highly sought after name that welterweights have been clamoring for, that was offered to Jorge Masvidal to bring Real back to television screens:

“The UFC offered us Nick Diaz and obviously we said yes,” Masvidal told ESPN. “I would have loved to fight Nate, too — just because those guys are studs, man. All will. They don’t have the most skills in the division, but they have maybe the most will. You can beat the s— out of them — pain, fatigue — it doesn’t matter. And I’ve got a lot of those same qualities. My fanbase knows I’m going in there to die trying.”

It is because of the Nick Diaz offer that Jorge Masvidal turned down a later offer to fight Gunnar Nelson:

“That wasn’t a fight that even interested me,” Masvidal said in reference to the Gunnar Nelson bout. “Is Gunnar the highest guy I can fight right now? They offered me Nick Diaz. Who would you rather fight between them? These guys get their feelings hurt and think I’m ducking them — who the f— is ducking Gunnar Nelson?”

“I want the best fight possible. If that ends up being whack-ass Gunnar, then whack-ass Gunnar it is. But if I’m being offered better stuff, hold your horses Gunnar, and dude from England (Edwards). You’re not even in my rearview mirror. Let me do what’s best for me and if at some point you keep winning, I’ll f— you guys up.”

Whom do you think will wind up being the next opponent for Jorge Masvidal when the dust settles?

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