Monday, October 3, 2022

Jose ‘Shorty’ Torres Says He’s Been Released By UFC, Claims Flyweight Division Is Shutting Down

Jose “Shorty” Torres has received his walking papers from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Torres is known for his grit and exciting fighting style, but it wasn’t enough to keep him on the UFC roster. “Shorty” Torres is 1-1 in the UFC, with a knockout win over Jared Brooks and a knockout loss to Alex Perez. The state of the flyweight division has been up in the air since Demetrious Johnson was traded to ONE Championship, and Torres claims its fate has been sealed.

Jose Torres Released, Makes A Major Claim

Earlier today (Nov. 7), Torres took to Twitter to reveal he was hit with a swarm of bad news:

“A lot of bad news and things have been thrown at me today. I must’ve done something horrible in my past life because dam this life is swinging hard, but no matter what. I’m keeping my head up!!!”

Torres later claimed that Flo Combat’s report of the UFC dissolving the flyweight division is correct:

“I sadly know first hand…. Good luck to everyone still in the division. At least they gave you all a fighting chance. I sadly called it and was picked first because of it. On to the next one…”

Torres then released the following video to make it clear that he has been cut by the UFC:

MMA News will keep you posted on the latest updates regarding the men’s 125-pound division in the UFC. Keep in mind, the reports are claiming that the men’s division will be dissolving. The women’s 125-pound weight class would remain.

If the flyweight division comes to a close in the UFC, will you miss it or do you think it would be for the best?

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