Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Kamaru Usman: “Complacent” RDA No Longer Focused On Being Best

Kamaru Usman will have a chance to most likely earn a title shot at the welterweight championship should he be victorious in his fight against Rafael dos Anjos in the main event of the TUF 28 Finale on Friday. According to “The Nigerian Nightmare,” something always has to give when two fighters lock horns inside the Octagon, and he is more than confident about which of the two fighters in Friday’s main event will emerge the victor:

“Very tough guy – very well-rounded fighter,” Usman told MMAjunkie. “It just comes down to when you get into a fight with a guy, someone’s going to win, someone’s going to lose. Period. Someone’s always going to be a better man at the end of that day. This is just one of those cases where he’s just going to be outmanned and outgunned. I’m just a bigger, stronger, faster version of what he’s faced in the past.”

Kamaru Usman also believes that it is not just the physical aspect that will grant him the W in Las Vegas, but also his belief that Rafael dos Anjos has become complacent, while he remains solely focused on greatness:

“I’m not taking anything away from him – he’s a tough guy. He’s been in this sport a long time. Champion – he’s reached the pinnacle of the sport. But the difference I see between him and I, he’s a welterweight now, as opposed to a lightweight. He’s a legit lightweight – but he’s chosen to forego one of the biggest sacrifices that we do in this sport. When you do that, that kind of gives me a sense that’s no longer your focus – being at the pinnacle, being the best, that’s no longer your focus anymore.

“Now it’s about you’re older, you’ve got a family – it’s about feeding your family and getting a little bit of money to chase the next venture. But I’m still chasing greatness.”

What are your thoughts on these comments from Kamaru Usman?

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