Thursday, October 6, 2022

Mike Perry Explains What He Learned From ‘Cowboy’ Loss

Over the weekend, Mike Perry suffered a first-round submission loss to Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. Perry took Cerrone down and paid the price for it right away. Off his back, Cerrone was able to lock in an armbar on Perry. After getting it locked in belly-down, “Cowboy” forced the tap and picked up the victory.

The victory was a big one for Cerrone, who had some personal issues with Perry’s cornerman, and his own former coach, Mike Winkeljohn. As for Perry, he has now suffered three of his last four fights. He joined “Submission Radio” recently to discuss his submission defeat to Cerrone.

Perry said that he learned more in those four-and-a-half minutes with Cerrone inside the cage than he has his entire career:

“Absolutely. I learned so much rolling around with Cerrone in that octagon. My mind was wide awake, I was absorbing everything, every second of it, and I learned more in that four and a half minutes than I’ve learned my entire career.

“I should’ve exited the ground. In another world, in a perfect platinum world, I slammed him on his head and knocked him unconscious. But that’s not what happened. I slammed him, broke my arm and he broke it about six more ways, I had to tap. And I mean, that video on my Instagram of GSP, he tapped. I wonder how many ligaments and things he got pulled that time.

“It seemed like he tapped kinda quick, but he didn’t. I get it. It hurt. It must’ve been hurt right away for him. And I slammed Cerrone and snapped it myself once first, and then he went belly down. It’s a much stronger armbar as well. And from a black belt to a purple belt, I made a purple belt mistake.

“That’s what I did. It might’ve even been a white belt mistake. I went for the takedown because it was what was open. We were constantly countering each other on the feet, and I got the body lock and it just made sense to grab that takedown.

“No there are things that I have to work from there if I’m gonna be taking people down. Watch me start Khabib’ing these motherfuckers and then they’re gonna be like, ‘oh, we can’t let Perry take us down’. Then they gotta stand with me and I’m gonna KO everybody.”

What do you think about Perry’s comments regarding his loss to Donald Cerrone?

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