Monday, October 3, 2022

Mike Perry: Jackson Wink was never Cowboy’s Gym

Former Jackson Wink member Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone had a very public departure from the camp earlier this year and caught in the middle of it is his opponent this Saturday at UFC Fight Night 139, “Platinum” Mike Perry. Speaking with MMAjunkie, Perry said that the drama was much ado about nothing since Cerrone was never a full-time member of the gym to begin with:

“That wasn’t his gym, man,” Perry said. “He would come there sometimes to try and steal some bodies to bring to BMF Ranch so he could train over there because everybody was interested in going and hanging out with ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone at his ranch and seeing if they could get on a boat and (expletive). He looked out, and he did those things with me.”

As for when Cerrone was at the gym, Mike Perry insisted that he went light and warns Cerrone not to expect “training Perry” to fight at the same speed as the man who will be standing across from him this weekend:

“When we sparred, I took it so easy on him, and I think that he thinks that I’m an easy win to get the most wins in UFC history, and that’s just not a fact,” Perry said. “Why have I not been finished? Why have I not been KO’d? I’ve been dropped. I’ve been bleeding since the beginning of the fight and been pouring blood on my opponent’s faces after.

“There’s no shutting me down. There’s no stopping me. There’s no quit in me. I am a relentless warrior, and I am going to rip his face apart.”

What do you make of Mike Perry’s comments?

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