Monday, October 3, 2022

Mike Perry Tells Teammate Ray Borg to “Fight Like A Man”

#4 and #3 ranked flyweights Ray Borg and Joseph Benavidez were slated to fight this weekend at UFC Fight Night 139 until undisclosed medical issues forced Ray Borg to withdraw from the bout on short notice. There has been no word yet on whether there will be a last-minute replacement to step in and fight Benavidez. When Mike Perry, a teammate of Ray Borg at Jackson Wink MMA, was asked about Borg, Perry first responded with incredulity before giving his surprising and very harsh take on the matter:

“Aw, man, that illness is…man, he got caught, bro,” Perry began in an interview with Aaron Bronsteter. “He was talking shit about Frank the Tank on his wife’s Instagram story in the background. We heard him talking.

“And he don’t’ even know nothing about Frank! He’s just a fucking hater! That’s why his bitch ass ain’t showing up this week to fuckin’ fight like a man! Shit, you come down with an illness? Quit being scared!”

The last time Ray Borg competed was last October when he fell victim to what has now been dubbed “The Mouse Trap,” a highlight-reel of a suplex-into-armbar finish. Borg had won five of his last six prior to that bout, however, and at 25 years old, still has loads of promise in his career. Unfortunately, family issues have struck the Borg household, which has played a part in his absence. In this instance, however, Perry does not believe there is anything keeping Borg away from competition but fear. Perhaps a bit taken aback by Perry’s candor, Bronsteter then asked Perry if Borg was still a member of Jackson Wink, to which Perry responded:

“I mean, he was there, he was training. I mean, he’s still there, I guess.”

Do you think Mike Perry is out of line with these comments about his teammates? Or is Perry going to Perry?

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