Monday, October 3, 2022

Yair Rodriguez and ‘Korean Zombie’ Reunite In Hospital (Photo)

“The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung and Yair Rodriguez put on an amazing main event for UFC Denver over the weekend (Sat. November 20, 2018). Jung and Rodriguez took things into the fifth round, in what was a bloody back-and-forth affair. Jung, however, was ahead on the scorecards in the final round.

But in the closing seconds of the fight, Rodriguez landed an awkward elbow that rendered “Korean Zombie” unconscious. It was an amazing win for Rodriguez in his quest to an eventual featherweight title opportunity. Given the nature of their contest, both men were transported to a local medical facility after the fight. As it turns out, they ran into each other while being treated inside the hospital.

They took a photo together while shaking hands, both laying down in their hospital beds and showing the effects of their 25 minutes inside the cage tother. Check out the photo here below:

“My pride is really bad .. I sell a lot .. Haha .. Still .. I love Taekwondo and I always express my congratulations to my young friend who is always polite. This match should be so satisfying. It’s really ok now! Thanks everyone!”

What do you think about Rodriguez and Jung taking a photo together in the hospital?

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