Friday, September 30, 2022

UFC Prospect Sean O’Malley Addresses Naysayers Over Failed Drug Test

Sean O’Malley isn’t fond of those who believe he uses banned substances on purpose.

O’Malley was scheduled to take on Jose Quinonez at UFC 229 last month. “Suga” was pulled after being flagged by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). It was a tough break for O’Malley as UFC 229 ended up being the biggest pay-per-view card in the promotion’s history.

Sean O’Malley Takes Aim At His Critics

Despite saying he was working with the UFC and USADA, O’Malley still got some flak from those who believe he purposefully used banned substances. O’Malley took to Twitter to address the doubters:

“.08 nanograms and they pulled me off the biggest card, suspended me and fined me. One Nanogram is exactly 0.000000000001 kilograms. For everyone who thinks I am stupid enough to take a banned substance before the biggest fight of my career [f*ck you]. Thanks to the fans that support me.”

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) handed O’Malley a six-month suspension. That doesn’t mean he won’t have to deal with USADA. The good news for O’Malley is that usually the NSAC and USADA are on the same page.

With a 10-0 record, O’Malley has made some waves in the UFC’s bantamweight division. His unique personality has made him stand out over other prospects. The “Suga Show” was last on display back in March. O’Malley earned a unanimous decision victory over Andre Soukhamthath. O’Malley injured his foot and many feared a break. The good news is, the injury wasn’t as bad as it looked.

Do you think Sean O’Malley will be let off the hook by USADA?

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