Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Sijara Eubanks Says UFC Fans Will Watch Her Regardless Of Backlash

Sijara Eubanks is embracing the role of villain to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fans.

Eubanks competed this past Saturday night (Nov. 3). She took on Roxanne Modafferi inside Madison Square Garden in New York City on the preliminary portion of UFC 230. “Sarj” won the bout via unanimous decision.

Sijara Eubanks Believes Fans Will Tune In To Watch Her

Eubanks received a ton of heat over the way she handled the blow back from her initial title bout against Valentina Shevchenko and her response to the title bout being revoked. She was also criticized for how she reacted to Joe Rogan saying he didn’t know who she was. Speaking to reporters during her media scrum, Eubanks was unapologetic (via BJPenn.com):

“Thanks to Joe [Rogan], a lot of people know who I am now. Thanks to me missing [weight] by a pound, a lot of people know who I am now. It is what it is, yo. What’s most important to me… I kind of do poke at fans, I kind of do [say] ‘ah go ahead, boo me,’ you know? I have a little relish in it. But what’s most important to me closest circle. My coaches love me, my family loves me, my daughter loves me. All of that’s important to me. A couple people boo? Why not. You’re going to tune in to watch me next time. ‘I hate her, I hope she gets her head knocked in.’ But you’re gonna watch the fight so it is what it is.”

Do you think Sijara Eubanks needs to be humbled, or will her brash personality pay off?

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