Sunday, October 2, 2022

Tyson Fury Believes Winner of Wilder vs Fury is Best Heavyweight Alive

The final press conference for the main event between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury set the theme for the match to be a “USA versus the UK” match and tempers flared on both sides during the final face-off.

Up until the Wilder vs. Fury press conference in Los Angeles, both men seemed to keep their cool during all appearances to promote the event. Earlier this week the two heavyweights went to separate first responder’s locations to gift tickets to them for their fight on Saturday but as the day draws near, the two men reminded fans that they will not be friendly when they meet in the ring.

Fury admitted that if Wilder can beat him on Saturday night he will be the best, but he doesn’t believe that will happen. “I don’t need to beat Deontay Wilder to prove I’m the best. I’m the lineal champion. If Deontay wins, he will be the best, but he’s not going to beat me,” said Fury.  He added, “I’m the best heavyweight alive, and there’s only one way to get that title. You have to come take it from me.”

“There’s never been a man who could better me in a fight.” –Tyson Fury

Just before the face-off, Wilder accused Fury of having something in his nose because of the way he was behaving, not staying seated while everyone else was on stage. “Don’t worry, I’m gonna be your rehab”, Wilder said to Fury alluding to his publicized positive test for cocaine in the fall of 2016. Right up until the fighters faced off is when things seemed to get heated enough to prompt a melee among camps.

Wilder and his trainer believe his growth in the sport that got him to this point will be what defines who the best really is and Wilder thinks he can demonstrate that in a dominant fashion. “I’m going to show you domination,” Wilder said, “I’m going to show you my boxing skill. I’m going to beat him, then knock him out. He’s going to have to back up everything he’s said to promote this fight.”

Do you think the winner on Saturday night makes them the best heavyweight boxer alive?

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