Friday, August 19, 2022

Al Iaquinta: Kevin Lee Will Never Beat Me

It has been nearly a week now since Al Iaquinta had his hand raised for the second time against Kevin Lee at UFC Milwaukee. Considered the underdog heading into the bout and a fighter whom many believe was, to a degree, overlooked and disrespect by Lee, Iaquinta did not enter or leave the Octagon at UFC Milwaukee without emotion. In fact, at the close of the fifth round, Iaquinta could be seen unleashing a primal scream in the face of Kevin Lee.

“It was just a lot of emotion,” Iaquinta said about the scream during “Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show” on Monday. “…a lot of his talking, a lot of him dancing out to the cage, outfits, and all that shit. This is how it’s done. Look at me. I’m the way that this thing is done, you know? I do this thing right. So I went out there, and I showed him how to fight.”

Furthermore, Al Iaquinta believes that should the fight happen for a third time…or a fourth…or a fifth…the result would be the same:

“He’s big, he’s strong. He took me down and he held me a few times, but if that fight’s 10 rounds, how do you think that’s gonna go?” Iaquinta asked. “That guy’s not beating me. It’s not happening.

“I knew it was gonna happen. I’d seen it a million times. I don’t know how he wins the fight. He’s too slow on his feet. He’s plodding. I’m moving around. Even the shots he hit me with…nothing really hurt me.

“He’s a great fighter. I respect his fighting skills a lot, but he’s never gonna beat me.

“I don’t see us fighting again, and I don’t see him ever beating me.”

Do you agree with Al Iaquinta? Will Kevin Lee never get a victory over Al Iaquinta, even if the two happened to fight again?

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